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Rajaniti is the scripture of the content about the government of the King directly as the philosophy that writes about government that having the main content as the principle of government study as the scripture which writes both Pali and Sanskrit languages. Rajiniti  gives the knowledge about government , variety of administration that be able to have unity for government as dictatorship, Buddhist scripture in Buddhism as collects from government scriptures that the contents can be classified into 4 types such as general teaching, qualification of Rajaniti or present governor and executive, positions considerations and strategic method to win the enemy and war strategy.

             Rajaniti is the mixed word between king or state and  the word of Niti means about behavior that is that means the behavior of state, Rajaniti is the knowledge tank, as the science of government or state administration including income administration, expenditure, trade , industry and welfare of state to people, moreover, including to consideration and fair judgement  as the science of public finance administration to have the balance, as the science of war and peace, war strategy , public administration and state maintenance,  the content of Rajaniti that uses the principle of Dhamma to govern the state such as Tossapithrajadhamma or Chakwattiwattra , uses as the tool of practice and to be as the tool for examination that have the practice or practice of the king. In Rajaniti mentions about principle of Dhamma that the kings gives the importance , and mentions about the qualification of the king and duty of the king, has the content about Dhamma for State administration or fair state and principle of Dhamma for sovereignty.


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