Organizational Socialization, Health Promotion Behavior and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Working Personnel

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This research was aimed at studying the inter-correlation among organizational socialization, physical and psychological health promotion behavior, and organizational citizenship behavior. Sample included 392 working personnel, from operational to management level. Data were collected using 4 questionnaires: (1) personal information questionnaire; (2) physical and psychological health promotion behavior scale, consisting of 6 health promotion subscales: health responsibility, physical activity, nutrition, interpersonal relation, spiritual growth and stress management subscales; (3) organizational socialization scale, consisting of 5 stages of socialization: entry, learning, acceptance, maintenance and exit and remembrance subscales; (4) organizational citizenship behavior scales, consisting  of 5 subscales: altruism, courtesy, sportsmanship, civic virtue, and conscientiousness subscales. Reliabilities of the 3 scales were computed, their Cronbach’s alpha coefficients were .883, .914 and .891 respectively

The results of this study revealed that: (1) physical and psychological health promotion behaviors were positive related with organizational citizenship behavior; (2) organizational socialization were positive related with health promotion behavior and (3) organizational socialization were related with organizational citizenship behavior. In addition, organizational socialization at all stages could predict health promotion behaviors and organizational citizenship behavior as well, particularly socialization at learning stage. The results found in this study could provide suggestion to the organization as to focus more on the organizational socialization particularly in the learning stage as to increase work skills, work values, and culture of the organization, then the health promotion behavior and organizational citizenship behavior will also increase.


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