Social Network The Mechanic to Sustainably Improve Quality of Life for High-School Students in Nakhorn Pathom Province of The Five Precepts

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Phramaha Prakasit Sirimato
Phramaha Akanit Siripanṇo
Phra Thanat Vaddhano
Phramaha Anon Anando
Thawat Homthuanlom


The purposes of this research were 1) to develop activities for enhancing the sustainable quality of life guarantees for secondary school students in Nakhon Pathom by using the principles 5 and 2) to propose a mechanism to enhance the quality of life for secondary students Study in Nakhon Pathom province by using the 5 precepts, using the integrated research methodology, namely quantitative research. Data was collected from 400 sample questionnaires. Data was analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation. And qualitative research Conduct in-depth interviews with 25 key informants/person. Analyze the data through explanations and descriptions.

          The results of the research were showed that

          1) The development of activities to enhance the quality of life standing for secondary school students in Nakhon Pathom province by using the 5 precepts, found that the components of the three components were 1) "youth" as the target group By creating knowledge, understanding, attitudes, behaviors, risk in living. 2) "Process" was the process of training, incubation, cultivation, awareness creation that was suitable for the target group. 3) "Network" means that there must be a primary person responsible. Maybe the youth themselves, families, parents, educational institutions, having a training center that was ready to train the youth to have knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and change their lifestyle according to the 5 precepts effectively By collaborating from many sectors in a way called "บวร", by collaborating from planning Bring youth into the process and follow up.

          2) Mechanisms that drive to enhance the quality of life that still stands for the youth by using the 5 precepts. There were 3 driving mechanisms which were (1) the mechanism of the training center or incubation center has the qualifications of the training center, namely the planning of work Facility personnel Media, equipment and budget. (2) The mechanism, process or organization of training activities There were 2-step work process components, namely, preparation for training process and the evaluation stage. (3) The mechanism of social networks or cooperation has 5 network groups. consisting of 1) school network 2) government network 3) network of religious organizations 4) network of community organizations 5) network of speakers 6) network of youth and families


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Sirimato, P. P., Siripanṇo, P. A., Vaddhano, P. T., Anando , P. A., & Homthuanlom, T. (2020). Social Network: The Mechanic to Sustainably Improve Quality of Life for High-School Students in Nakhorn Pathom Province of The Five Precepts. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 8(3), 1194-1221. Retrieved from
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