Success in Resolving Informal Debt Problems of the 4 District Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Property Fraud

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Sarut Tumladee
Siwach Sripokangkul


The purposes of this research were to study 1) the operations of the Anti-Fraud Operations Center of the Provincial Police Region 4, and 2) to find out the problems and solutions in the informal debt management process of the Public Sector 4 Anti-Fraud Prevention Operations by the study method. Three research methods as follows; 1) a study method with research paper 2) interviewing method and 3) observation method. There were sample population of 24 people in this study.

The results of research were found that the operational procedures of the Center for Corruption Prevention and Corruption Operations to be 1) the process for receiving grievance notifications 2) the process of searching for information in making an investigation report 3) investigating the property of the capitalist group to seize or attach 4) establish a network of connection among the family of the accused, including establishing links for telephone use in the I2 system, 5) investigations from the local police, and 6) negotiation procedures. About problems and solutions, the researcher divided them into 3 different areas;
(1) investigation, evidence collection and investigation report, (2) investigation guidelines, collecting evidence and (3) returning the title deeds.


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Tumladee , S., & Sripokangkul, S. (2020). Success in Resolving Informal Debt Problems of the 4 District Center for the Prevention and Suppression of Property Fraud . Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 8(3), 1152-1165. Retrieved from
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