Antecedents Affecting the Impression of Passengers Using an Suvarnabhumi International Airport

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Chanitta Sumrith
Nopadol Burananuth
Bodeen Kaewbandon
Sumalee Meepong
Patinya Boonpadung


The objectives of this study were to investigate the relationship between the factors of being a model of service, service resources, service quality, the efficiency of service, and the impression that the passengers have in using Suvarnabhumi Airport. This research employed a quantitative method. The data was collected from 400 Thai passengers using Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2017, selected by systematic sampling. The sample size was calculated based on Cochran’s Formula.  The data was analyzed using a structural equation model. Research findings indicated that the model of service had the greatest direct relationship with the impression of the passengers using Suvarnabhumi Airport, followed by the efficiency of service; whereas service resources and service quality had an indirect relationship with the impression that the passengers had in using Suvarnabhumi Airport. These research findings provide significant information for the Airports of Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Specifically, the company can use these findings to support its decision in the management of a service model, in order to enhance the efficiency and quality of the service to meet with the goals of the government in developing the country; and the5th strategy in enhancing the potential to serve passengers and airlines which is a significant requirement for service development and effectiveness of the organization.


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Sumrith, C., Burananuth, N., Kaewbandon, B., Meepong, S., & Boonpadung, P. (2020). Antecedents Affecting the Impression of Passengers Using an Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 8(1), 145-156. Retrieved from
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