Mental Health of Student Nurse: The Applying Dhamma Teachings in Providing Mental Health Counseling by Nursing Faculty The Applying Dhamma Teachings in Providing Mental Health Counseling by Nursing Faculty

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Chantrarat Vongareesawat
Pavimon Mahayosanan


This academic article aims to add awareness for academic advisors who provide mental health counseling for their student nurses as well as focuses on the applying Dhamma principles, including sublime states of mind and principle of service when performing the counselors’ role. The article studied from documents, text books, journal of nursing, concepts of Buddhist teachings, and have used direct experience in providing mental health and psychiatric counseling. The academic advisors may gain the ideas in providing counseling and simultaneously promoting mental health both student nurses and oneself likewise cultivating a wholesomeness throughout their own responsibility. Academic advisors who provide mental health care for their student nurses by applying the sublime states of mind and principle of service, even they are promoted a positive attitude toward life, they also are developed interpersonal relationships between their teacher and the students. Moreover, using those dhamma, the advisors may increase a wholesome mind which leads advisors have more a powerful mind to work on their duties without burden and burnout. The application of dhamma teachings may develop self-awareness and insightfully understanding both in oneself and in others. In addition, the advisors who use dhamma teaching will perform a service mind to help others. The academic advisor’s role has a very important task as the mental health counselor’s role in looking after, promoting will power, encouraging academic achievement along with having good mental health and having professional competencies to serve society.


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Vongareesawat, C., & Mahayosanan, P. (2019). Mental Health of Student Nurse: The Applying Dhamma Teachings in Providing Mental Health Counseling by Nursing Faculty: The Applying Dhamma Teachings in Providing Mental Health Counseling by Nursing Faculty. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 7(6), 1805-1818. Retrieved from


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