Infrastructure, Facility’s Support System, Role of Tourist Police and Public Participation that Effect Tourist’s Safety, Chonburi Province

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Manus Nonuch
Sudawan Somjai


             The purpose of this research was to study 1) current conditions of tourist safety, Chonburi province 2) level of infrastructure, safety support system, role of tourist police, public participation and  tourist’s safety, Chonburi province; and 3) influence of infrastructure safety support system, role of tourist police and public participation that effecting tourist’s safety, Chonburi province. The research employed a mixed research methodology method. The research findings indicate that: 1) in the current stage of tourist safety in Chonburi province were accident on road and water accidents, illness, deception and stolen property; 2) the level of infrastructure, facility’s support system, role of tourist police, public participation and tourist’s safety were high level; and 3) infrastructure, facility’s support system, role of tourist police and public participation had influence to the tourist’s safety with 0.5 level of statistical significance. Moreover, public participation was found the most positive direct influence to the tourist’s safety. These finding are benefits presented for the public and private sectors in tourism development by giving priority to public participation, Infrastructure especially develop public transport service providers that emphasize tourist’s safety, facility’s support system, promote and develop tourist police for increase foreign language skills to lead tourist’s safety for the future.


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Nonuch, M., & Somjai, S. (2020). Infrastructure, Facility’s Support System, Role of Tourist Police and Public Participation that Effect Tourist’s Safety, Chonburi Province. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 8(1), 157-168. Retrieved from
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