Strategies Used in Naming American Movies into Thai Language

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Thannapaporn Hongthong


The objectives of this research were to: 1) analyze strategies used in naming American movies into Thai; 2) study the use of the Thai language strategies in conveying the meaning of American movies into Thai. This is qualitative research which encompassed 321 titles of American movies from 2008 to 2009. The data was collected from The Film Control Department, Registration Division, and Ministry of Culture as during those times, American movies were the most prevalent in Thailand. In this present study, the concept of the Thai language usage strategies was fundamentally based on the idea of Thannapaporn Hongthong from the dissertation on linguistic strategies for propagating Buddhism of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu: case study of “Idappaccayatã” teaching method in 2014. The concept of film genres by Detchpat Arttasan in 1994 was also employed. The results indicated that movie titles can be categorized into four types: 1) drama, 2) comedy, 3) suspense and thriller, and 4) action. Furthermore, it was found that three characteristics of naming and conveying the meaning of American movies into Thai depends upon: 1) central character, 2) theme, and 3) atmospheres of stories. In terms of the Thai language usage strategies, there are three methods as follows: 1) creating a new name, 2) using transliterated words, and 3) translating words. In addition, the results also revealed that the strategies used in naming American movies into Thai place more emphasis on business values rather than the authentic meaning of the language.


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