A Model for Life Quality Development Acording to Local Wisdom of Kui Ethnic Group in the Lower of Northeast, Thailand

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Boonchen Sukkum


This research is the Qualitative research, there is purpose to study the quality of life development model using the local wisdom of Kui ethnic group in the areas of Lower Isaan. Populations are Kui people in Samrongtarb sub-district, Samrongtarb district, Surin province and Kui people in Ku sub-district, Prangku district, Sisaket province. Samples are consisted of leaders, ritual leader, cultural leader and people in the target areas, collecting the data by In-depth interview, focus group. The result found that:- Kui people believe in ancestral spirits and Buddhism, so it causes the wisdom inherited for a long time, life development model using the local wisdom is living in the suitable level as basic necessity, good survival both physical, social, surrounding and intellect, quality of life on the physical,  it is health care, quality of life on the surrounding,  it is living to correspond nature, quality of life on the mental, connected with belief in ancestral spirits, Kui people believe those spirits still reside to take care of descendants. So Kui people always propitiate the spirits to build quality of life on the mental and status on the emotional, quality of life on the social, Kui people community is the closed community, most of them are the same relative, there are lineage leaders who are elderly people as living pattern and ritual leader that cause the confidence for people in community, quality of life on the intellect, it is understanding world and life, occupation, protecting and solving problems, quality of life development model as wisdom of Kui ethnic group, it has the character as process and holistic. From concrete object to abstract is mind and intellect, it is holistic covering on the physical, mental and emotional, surrounding and intellect related each other both quality of life in individual and social levels. 


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Sukkum, B. (2019). A Model for Life Quality Development Acording to Local Wisdom of Kui Ethnic Group in the Lower of Northeast, Thailand. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 7(6), 1570-1583. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journal-peace/article/view/218358
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