Characteristics of School Administrators Without Prejudice 4

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Phrakhrusangharak Chakkit Phuripanyo
Phramaha Yannawat Thitavaddhano
Phrakhru Wirunsutakhun
Phrakru Kittiyannawisit
Phramaha Sombat Tanapanyo
Phramaha Udorn Uttaro


The characteristics of school administrators are very important for school administration. The school administrators who successfully lead the school in accordance with the purpose are visionary, unpredictable, knowledgeable, capable, and moral. They must be free from 4 prejudices (Agati), including 1) Chandàgati: bias because of favoritism and love; 2) Dosàgati: bias favoring one party because of hate for another party; 3) Mohàgati: Partisan bias because of enchantment or ignorance; and 4) Bhayàgati: the adherence of favoritism because of fear of his power.


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Phuripanyo, P. C., Thitavaddhano, P. Y., Wirunsutakhun, P., Kittiyannawisit, P., Tanapanyo, P. S., & Uttaro, P. U. (2019). Characteristics of School Administrators Without Prejudice 4. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 7(6), 1797-1804. Retrieved from


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