The Factor, Model, and Creating Process Research Network for Sustainable Development

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Phra Sutheerattanabundit Abhakaro
Phra Brahmapanḍit ธมฺมจิตฺโต


This research article has the purposes: 1) To analyze factors and models of educational research correspond to 21st century learning. 2) To develop a course that consistent with 21st century learning and educational research process for sustainable development. 3) To develop researchers and promote networks of higher educational research consistent with 21st century learning and sustainable development. The methodologies employed were action research consisted of four steps; the first was to collect data from the Best organizations and educational institutions. The second step was to create a course of educational research for sustainable development. The third step to develop potential of Researchers and the four step to create educational network from 20 organizations for sustainable development. The results showed that 1) the factors and models of educational research that are consistent with 21st century learning and sustainable development have 4 main components: 1) Research management 2) Personnel and research network 3) Knowledge and research process and 4) Research resources. For example, Peoples will be the driving force behind knowledge and the process of learning and sustainable development towards the development of research processes for educational research and sustainable development. For educational research model, the LIST Model was composed of Learning, Innovation, Sustainable and Transformation is an important condition of creative research that is consistent with 21st century learning and sustainable development. The results of the development of educational research course correspond to 21st century learning and the educational research for sustainable development is established as Certificate in Educational Research for Sustainable Development by LIST Model. This course can be used to create a learning process at the beginning of the development process, and then create a process and methodology for development of social and science technologies innovation.


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Abhakaro, P. S., & ธมฺมจิตฺโตP. B. (2019). The Factor, Model, and Creating Process Research Network for Sustainable Development. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 7(4), 923-937. Retrieved from
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