Leadership change of community leaders for peace

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Nipaporn Pansawat


Change leadership Transformational Leadership is the theory of education, new leadership or a new paradigm. The leader is the change agent and leadership is working together in a group style. In order to achieve social change The study of the development of the characteristics of the leaders has developed in order. Starting from the theory of features that believe that leadership occurs naturally or naturally Came to be a concept, power and influence that believed that power was the source of the potential for influence over others Until the era that focused on the behavior of leaders That shows that leaders and followers have mutual influence Until causing many sub-theories Later, there was a study of the situation in situational leadership theory to cover more dimensions. Resulting in education in 3 dimensions, including dimension, human, work dimension and situation dimension Until the exchange leadership And current change leaders Which modern scholars are interested in leading to widespread leadership development


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