Employee Engagement on Peace Innovation in Promoting Environmental Preservation at Taokaenoi Food and Marketing Public Company Limited

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Apichart Kulpongwanich
Khantong Wattanapradith
Banjob Bannaruji


This is a research about Buddhist Peaceful way to engage in the conservation of the business environment. The objectives are analyzing conflict and causes about saving environment in organization and presenting a principle of conservation of the environment in organization by Buddhist peaceful way with Taokaenoi food & Marketing Public Co. Ltd. This research is using qualitative research, in-depth interview, and group interview. Divided into 2 group, which are 18 people for significant information and 11 people are the group of qualified committees. The consequence of this research found that community is bias to factory because of the environment problem from factory that they solved slowly. Also, lacking communication between each other. Then, people in community made a complaint to government that has a responsibility about environment. The Buddhis Palaceful’s solution is Saraniyadhamma 6, using to create an interaction for saving an environment by using dialogue process to enhance the total productive management to work sufficiency. The solution of business environment problem must have 2 mechanism which are approach strategy and defensive strategy. Moreover, the defensive strategy is conscious mind that solve the environment problems, creating the policy in organization, developing a relationship with community, and solving problem with new technologies. The approach strategy is the way to protect the environment that will affect community. In fact, making the constitution of saving environment that come from an agreement between factory and community; government, in addition, should acknowledge to control the environment problem. Cooperation would be solving the conflict between community and factory by Buddhist Peaceful way which are solving wastewater from inside and outside from factory, making an opportunity to assemble that helps to solve problem precisely, respecting the constitution that everyone agreed, and cultivating the subconscious mind in environment and negotiation without violation.


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Kulpongwanich, A., Wattanapradith, K., & Bannaruji, B. (2019). Employee Engagement on Peace Innovation in Promoting Environmental Preservation at Taokaenoi Food and Marketing Public Company Limited. Journal of MCU Peace Studies, 7(5), 1269-1282. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journal-peace/article/view/176809
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