Sustainable Safety Management in the Enterprises, Pathumthani Province

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Kamolporn Kalyanamitra


The purpose of this study was 1) to study the sustainable safety management in the enterprises, Pathumthani province. 2) To study the implementation of labor protection and safety measures in the enterprises , Pathumthani province  3) A study of working behavior affecting workplace risk in Pathumthani province  4) To study the problems and obstacles in sustainable safety management in the enterprises , Pathumthani Province.

          The researcher collected the primary data using a questionnaire for the sample of employees working in small and medium enterprises in Pathumthani province, and interviewed employers or entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises. In addition, secondary data was collected from related documents. Statistics used in data presentation are frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation and analyze qualitative data by content analysis.

          The research found that most employers in small and medium enterprises have behavior in compliance with the Labor Protection Act, and the safety of the work of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labor and Welfare Employees who work in skilled jobs. And knowledge will be more likely to follow the Labor Protection Act than unskilled workers, and knowledge in the workplace, while employees work in dangerous jobs. It is less common for employees to work under non-hazardous conditions, and employees who work under the Labor Protection Act.


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