Error Analysis Chinese punctuation for Thai Learners


  • Wari Wongwaropakorn Chinese Program, School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University


Error Analysis, Punctuation, Thai Learners


The research explores the use of Chinese punctuations of 68 second-year Chinese Program students at the School of Liberal Arts, Walailak University. The purpose is to preliminarily identify the causes of errors and learner’s difficulties in using Chinese punctuation marks. Data were collected from students’ written exercises, written compositions, and the examination. Participants were two groups of students in CHI60-210 Mandarin Intermediate 1, CHI60-211 Mandarin Intermediate 2, and CHI60-212 Mandarin Intermediate 3 in trimester 1/2019, 2/2019 and 3/2019. The descriptive analysis is divided into two types of errors: Chinese written punctuation errors, and usage errors. The study employed frequency and percentage to describe the statistical data.

Studies have shown more usage errors of Chinese punctuation than the wrong forms.  Errors included 1) using inappropriate punctuation marks; 2) missing punctuation marks; 3) redundant punctuation marks; 4) misplaced punctuation marks; 5) repetitive punctuation marks.

The results of the study also indicated several main causes of errors, namely the interference of the mother tongue, and the influence of the target language and other foreign languages. Also, instructors played a role in reducing the errors in written forms and usage of Chinese punctuation marks.


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