A Buddhist Way of Spiritual Care to People in Nepal


  • Phra Sujan Maharjan (Sujano) Varapunya Meditation Centre, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Suwatsan Ragkhanto Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, MCU


Nepal, Senior Citizens, Buddhist Way, Buddhist Care, Funeral


Over the last few decades Nepal has demographically changed significantly. This change has brought a variety of problems from family to social level- including funeral services. Senior citizens are the most affected because they are being abandoned by their families and living miserable lives.

In 1999, the Pranidhi Purna Maha Vihara (PPMV) in Nepal introduced two projects ‘Buddhist Senior Citizens Home’ and ‘the arrangements for a funeral’ to provide spiritual care to Senior Citizens based on Buddhist psychology. The project gave members a choice that provides a sense of belonging, creating a caring community which provides comfort. Senior citizens found a new home at the PPMV.


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