Buddhist Approach for Holistic Health of Elderly


  • Suwatsan Ragkhanto Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University


Well-Being, Buddhist Well-Being, Elderly


          Way of the Buddhist Well-Being consists of 3 things ; 1) To control the senses under mindful and clear comprehension to control one self’s behavior to do good things, to speak truthfully and to have a charity mind; 2) To have good volition mind in social communication; 3) To have wisdom in thinking and understanding of Life; wisdom resulting from reflection; knowledge that is carefully thought out.  

          Because, social is a part of life, complicated problems concern to us cause complicated suffers.  The way to access well-being of life, people should have faith in Buddhism to induce us into the Buddhist Vipassanã Meditation that improve moral development, emotional development, problems solving, and in turn, relieve suffering.


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