Morphology Study of Tai Long Dialect Spoken in kat thai. 

  • indacakka seng
  • Nilratana Klinchan Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
  • Narongchai Pintrymool Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Keywords: Study, Word-formation, Morphology, Dialect Spoken of Tai Long


          The purpose of this research is to explore the study of Tai Long morphology. The objective of the study is classified into two parts of following; (1) to study the word-formation of Tai Long and (2) to study the word-classes of Tai Long. Research design was qualitative research tool was based on documentary. Research was to interview. Population was key information and word-classes and word-formation of Tai Long. Data collection was academic and thesis and journal from type of Tai Long language.

          The results of the research as: The study of Tai Long dialect spoken morphology. There were simple forms and compound forms and they can be classified based on Tai Long in two types. The morpheme refers to the study of monomorphemic and polymorphemic forms such as composite forms, prefix-derived forms, suffix-derived forms, reduplicated forms and rhyming forms. The compound word of Tai Long is divided into four main types; nominalization compound, class term compound, word-class compound and semantic compound. The word-classes of Tai Long as a part of speech that is considered to be noun, pronoun, adjectives, numerals, verbs, adverb, prepositions, conjunction, interjection and final particles.  Data analysis was shown and discussed with illustration.


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