Propagation of The Buddhism Ovãdapãtimokkha: Principle, Ideology and Method

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Phramahasuriya Aphiwatthano (Masunthia)


The Buddhism propagation is to bring the Great Buddha’s teaching that had been given to be the preliminary principle or major policy, and thus led to the defining of propagation purpose in accordance with the core policy. The operations were systematic and in a way of dismissed suffering by the guidance of The Great Buddha’s teaching. Buddha Taught to Ovãdapãtimokkha Spoke, 9 months On the full moon of the month At city Rajagaha Region Bihar Consists of 4 bodies That is called Haturangasannibat That is to say 1. That day On the full moon day2. 1,250 monks meeting  By not appointment 3.Those monks Is a saint 4. Buddha ordained by Hims to  own.

          The content of his teaching was composed of 13 aspects, which were 3 Buddhism Principles mean the essence to be considered as a guideline to practice, Ideology 4 mean the principles that have been laid as a guideline to achieve the goal and Method 6 mean the practical discipline for the monks which was the ultimate goal and declaration of the Buddhism's position to the world.


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