NEW FARMER : Leadership of Thai Farmers in Thailand 4.0

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ธีรทัศน์ โรจน์กิจจากุล


This academic article has four objectives; 1) to study the concept and policy of Thailand 4.0, 2) to study the facts about rice and Thai farmers in present age, 3) to study and synthesize the concept and theory of leadership, and 4) to propose the model of Thai farmer leadership in Thailand 4.0 Era. The results of the study were as follows:

  1. Thailand 4.0 Policy is vision of economic development policy of Thailand or Government economic development model under the leadership of General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Head of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), who came to manage the country on the vision that "stability, prosperity and sustainability" by having the promotion to practice until now.

  2. At present, Thailand is not the number one rice exporter in the world. Due to various reasons, maybe because farmers in Thailand still adhere to traditional rice production methods and still use chemicals in the rice production process. Moreover, there are also new innovations that are used to create cost-effective products in a small amount.

  3. The concept, theory and leadership that is studied by essence of the concept, theory and good leaders must have the following characteristics: they like to change, do not like copying anyone, like to develop, focus on people, have the inspiration in trust, look far away or look ahead, like to look at height, like to initiate, like the challenge of the same status, be yourself, like to do the right thing, focus on work and people, and can work as a team as well.

  4. If Thailand wants to be the number one rice exporter in the world. Thai farmers today must have good leadership characteristics according to the New Farmer Model, consisting of 9.9 Leadership, carry out that activities in various "businesses" through electronic media by thinking of the easiest and lest wasted work methods, having the fairness, having the good view, having seriousness, having good management, focusing on work to be efficiency and effectiveness, and reporting the results to others.


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