A Study of Prevention and Solution of Suicide by Buddhist Approaches

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พระมหาอินทร์วงค์ อิสฺสรภาณี วงค์ไชยคำ


This research has 3 objectives: 1) to study approaches in prevention and solution of suicide, 2) to analyze prevention and solution of suicide by Buddhist approaches, and 3) to offer prevention and solution of suicide by Buddhist approaches. This study is documentary and qualitative research. The results of the research were as follows. The approaches in prevention and solution of suicide were created upon the basis of living and worth in human resources. This was classified into three processes; evaluating risk group, assisting risk group, and recovering suicide attempt survivors or victims. In Buddhism, killing other people or yourselves was sinful or sorrow. Suicide was an act against Buddhist basic principle. In Buddhism, humans had abilities to learn and develop themselves. It was found that the Four Noble Truths could set the frame and direction in prevention and solution of suicide. The approaches were adapted from Effort 4 as the performance structures. They were 1) the effort to avoid by assistance from friends, 2) the effort to overcome by stopping, reducing and quitting, 3) effort to develop by creating protection with right understanding in life, and 4) the effort to maintain by retaining the protection to become a permanent approach, which was called, awareness and consciousness.


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