Self-development of security personnel to keep pace with changes in the 2019 decade

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natagorn watcharasin


Competency : Self- development of security personnel to keep pace with changes in the 2019 decade. That to analysis of the way on self- development of security personnel have a competencies and efficiency of works, reference from studying of the documentary and participatory action with the security business administrators.
Self-development is an action that heightens the knowledge skill performance and attribute. It helps to increase work performance by using methodology process and many steps that act by yourselves or supporting from your organization. Circle of self-development consist of 4 steps were 1) Plan 2) Do 3) Check and 4) Action, accord with development guideline. Everyone born with goodness, valuable, be able to lead and trend to develop themselves with actual condition that accord with the explanation of Roger. Competency of self- development of security guard on translations change in decade 2019 consist of : achievement, respect for others, initiative to creative, quality awareness, eager to learn, team spirit and adaptability.


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