A Study of Demographic Characteristics Affecting Behavior and Purchase Intention of Freshwater Fish Species of Farmer in Pathum Thani Province

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Siriprapa Prachumsong
Sirapop Rukkachart
Theerawut Keawheang
Panisa Mechinda
Purinat Yamakanith


The objectives of this research were to study; 1) demographic characteristics of freshwater fish breeders of farmers; 2) behaviors and purchase intentions of farmers. And 3) The relationship between demographic and geographical characteristics and freshwater fish purchasing behavior of farmers in. This was a combined research with a qualitative research method using in-depth interviews with 7 farmers and a quantitative research method using questionnaires as a data collection tool. From a sample of 253 people.

The results showed that 1) Most of the demographic studies were conducted . accounted for 46.64 percent, found that most of the sexes were male accounted for 51.38%. In terms of age, it was found that Most were aged 40-55 years, representing 57.70%. Most of them have a number of bachelor's degrees. Accounted for 47.43 percent, found that the occupation Most of them run their own business. Accounted for 66.80 percent. 2) The study of behavior and purchase intention, the frequency of purchasing fish species, found that Most of them have a purchase frequency of 1-3 times/year, representing 39.53%. The purchasing behavior of each species of fish found that Most will buy tilapia. Accounted for 67.19% of the fish farms that are bought regularly found that Most of the consumers have a number of fish farms that they buy regularly. Accounted for 37.94%. And 3) Factors affecting the selection of freshwater fish species were found. Mainly because of the quality of the fish. Accounting for 56.25%, most have a place of business in Pathum Thani (46.6%) Bachelor's degree (47.4%) Occupation will run a private business (66.8%) Test results of the relationship between sex, age and occupation are effective. Regarding the purchasing behavior of freshwater fish species from fish farms that are commonly purchased, it was found that the sex and the fish farms preferred to purchase were not related. The age and purchasing behavior of fish breeds from fish farms that were frequently purchased were not related to each other.


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Prachumsong, S., Rukkachart, S., Keawheang, T., Mechinda, P., & Yamakanith, P. (2022). A Study of Demographic Characteristics Affecting Behavior and Purchase Intention of Freshwater Fish Species of Farmer in Pathum Thani Province. RPU Journal of Business Administration, 1(1), 30–47. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RPUBAJOURNAL/article/view/261828