About the journal

1. About the journal

              Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (JLSCO) ISSN 3027-7337 (Print) , ISSN 3027-7361 (Online)
(Original number - Original name: ISSN: 2651-1622, E-ISSN: 2408-2740, Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain College: JLSCC), available at https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/Logis_j It is a national journal that publishes 2 articles a year. Currently, in the Thai-Journal Citation Index Center (TCI) database in Tier 1 and have impact Factor (IF) value of the Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (JLSCO). It is a journal of the College of Logistics and Supply Chain by Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University which is a college dedicated to producing graduates with expertise in logistics and supply chain management both at the bachelor's, master’s, and doctorate degrees. Therefore, this journal aims to be a source of new knowledge, new methods of research. And a national resource for research and academia In logistics and supply chain, business administration in humanities and social sciences to scholars, researchers, teachers, students, individuals and society.

2. Aims and Scope

Aims of journal

  1. To disseminate new knowledge from research and academics. In the science of logistics and supply chain management, business administration in the humanities and social sciences to scholars, researchers, teachers, students, the general public and society.
  2. To promote and encourage research Presentation and development of new knowledge, new methods or new systems in the humanities and social sciences. It comprises (1) Logistics and Supply Chain Management and (2) Business Administration.

Scope of articles

The main subject category of social sciences includes; Subject Area and Sub Subject Area as followings.

Main Subject Category: Social Sciences

Subject Area:

Sub Subject Area:

Business, Management and Accounting

General Business, Management and Accounting

Decision Sciences

Management Science and Operations Research

Economics, Economics and Finance 

General Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Social Sciences          


Social Sciences          

General Social Sciences

For example, scope of the articles on field of logistics and supply chain management such as

º Purchasing and Procurement

º Factory and warehouse location selection

º Transportation

º Inventory management

º Warehouse management and storage

º Material handling

º Parts preparation and service support

º Packaging

º Customer orders processing

º Customer demand forecast

º Logistics communication

º Customer service

º Reverse logistics

º Product design and development

º Marketing and sales

º Financial

º Supply Chain Management

For example, scope of the articles on field of business administration such as

º Business Administration

º Planning

º Accounting and Finance

º Organization administration

º Human Resources Management

º Operations Management

º Administration and management of facilities

º Coordination

º Control

º Communication and command

º Implementing business strategies


3. Types of journal articles

There are 4 types of the open-access article following by;

(1) Research Article refers to a written work that systematically presents research results, also bring new knowledges and useful methods.

(2) Academic Article means writing which is an interesting subject as a new body of knowledge.

(3) Review Article refers to an academic work that assesses the latest status of a particular academic subject that has been studied and the literature reviewed. There are analysis and synthesis of knowledge, both in wide and in-depth in modern style. Giving critiques to point out the differences, trends that should be studied and developed, or leading into a research field in the future.

(4) Book Review means the articles that criticize the content, content, values and contributions of a book, article, work or invention, and using appropriate principles and discretion.


4. Publication Frequency

Publishing articles of Journal of Logistics and Supply Chain College prepared in book form, number ISSN 3027-7337 (Print) , ISSN 3027-7361 (Online). Published in book form and published electronically on the website. https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/Logis_j

Scheduled to be published every 6 months, 2 issues a year as follows

            Issue 1 January - June

            Issue 2 July - December


5. Peer Review

Type of Peer Review 

            Articles will be submitted to peer reviewers in their respective fields to verify the quality of articles before publication. The peer reviewers did not know the name of the author and the author did not know the name of the peer reviewers (Double-blind Peer review).

Number of Peer reviewers

           Use amount of peer reviewers in related fields at 3 persons per article to evaluation. At the time the experts have considered and reviewed the articles. The editor will consider that the article should have been published (Accept) or should be returned to the author to edit for consideration again (Major / Minor Revision) or should declare to reject publication (Reject).

**The journal has changed the number of peer reviewers from 2 to 3 people, starting from 21 Jan 2022 for articles Vol.8 No.2 Jul. - Dec 2022. **

Last update: 8/03/2024