Journal Policy

Policy and conditions for reviewing articles (Journal Policies)

  1. This is an article in the field of humanities and social sciences in the field of

                     (1) Logistics and Supply Chain Management and (2) Business Administration.

  1. It is articles that present new knowledge, new methods, or new systems.
  2. Have a print format exactly as the journal
  3. It is an article with no plagiarism.
  4. Submitted articles must not have been published in any journal before. And must not be in the process of being submitted for publication in other journals
  5. Submitted articles will be assessed first by editors. It takes into account the suitability and alignment with the    journal objectives. By considering 2 separate cases:

          6.1 In the case that the article does not pass the preliminary review by the editorial department. The editor will declare the reject of the publication of the article (Reject) with reasons, suggestions, or a brief remark to inform the submitter of the article.

          6.2 In the case that the article is preliminary reviewed by the editorial department.
The editors will submit articles to at 3 peer reviewers in their related fields to check the quality of the articles before publication. The peer reviewers did not know the name of the author and the author did not know the name of the peer reviewers. (Double-blind peer review)

          At the time the experts have considered and reviewed the articles. The editor will consider that the article should have been published (Accept) or should be returned to the author to edit for consideration again (Major / Minor Revision) or should declare to reject publication (Reject)

The editorial department reserve the right to consider and judge the publication of the article in the journal.