Issuance of Acceptance letter

1. The author submits the article to ThaiJO system, then waits for the payment notification of 6,000 baht (for the editor to first consider whether the article matches the field or not, as well as wait for plagiarism result from CopyCatch, Akkaravisut (for Thai articles), or Turn-it-In (for English articles), which should less than 10%).
Read the payment terms:

2. Once payment is made, the article will be submitted to 3 peer reviewers for blind review. The reviewing time for reading and evaluating will be done in about 1 month, then the decision will be made to accept or reject the article for publication.

3. In case the article is rejected, the editorial team will notify the result via ThaiJO (Reject) system. If the article is accepted, the editorial team will notify the required corrections result. The time for revision and verifying is about 2 months (complete article) before issuing a formal acceptance letter.

4. The formal acceptance letter will be issued first (once the article has been edited, completed, and accepted by the editorial team). As for the publication cycle, it runs in order of queue in terms of first come first serve (FIFO) and first finished articles.
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Last update: 12/05/2023