Duties of Authors

  1. The authors must certify that the article is his or her own work. The article is a new article and has never been published in any journal before.
  2. The authors must report facts arising from research/academic articles without distorting, enriched the information or provided false information
  3. The authors must cite the work of others in the format specified by the journal. If those articles are used in your article, include a reference list at the end of the article.
  4. The authors must write research articles or academic articles, and references must be correct according to the format specified in "Author's Recommendation".
  5. The names appearing in all articles must be those who have participated in the conduct of research or academic articles.
  6. The authors must identify the source of funding that supports this research or academic article (if any).
  7. The authors must revise the accuracy of the article in accordance with the recommendations of the peer review, and editorial department.
  8. The authors must not submit articles on the same subject to other journals for consideration simultaneously.
  9. In the case of conducting research on humans, the researcher must undergo ethics training, and has a certificate from the board of research ethics in humans.