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The objective of this research was to study the anxiety for speaking English among first year students at Mahamakut Buddhist University, Lanna Campus. The sample group of this research was 92 first year students. The population of the study was 120 first year students in the English major program, faculty of Humanity and English teaching major, faculty of Education, Mahamakut Buddhist University, Lanna Campus. The instrument applied in data collecting was the questionnaire. The data obtained was analyzed by the application of frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

          The study findings revealed the following: The students had anxiety in speaking English at a moderate level by 3.32 of the average. The top three anxieties of the students are: First, students are anxious to speak English without being prepared. Secondly, students are anxious of passing the subject of English Speaking. And finally, students become increasingly anxious in unfamiliar situations until they forget what they have learned. On the other hand, the three least issues of student anxieties are: First, students feel awkward when using English conversation with familiar people. Secondly, students feel uncomfortable speaking English among friends. And finally, students feel less anxious that the teacher will correct mistakes when they speak incorrect English. It is concluded that the students of Mahamakut Buddhist University, Lanna Campus with different terms of sex, major, and GPA did not have significantly different levels of anxiety in speaking English. Students are anxious about speaking English without being prepared because of the fear of being wrong. They feel uncomfortable to speak in front of a listener because they lack confidence. Students are worried. About passing English class because they are concerned about proper communication. This creates a kind of felling that is uncomfortable and is expressed in the form of fear, incorrect speech, and fear of negative evaluation from the teacher. Students offered a way to relieve anxiety in learning English by learning to pronounce the words correctly from native speakers and by daring to speak without shame in order to speak with foreigners. Teachers in the course emphasize communication in English, teaching vocabulary in everyday life as well as how to use it. There is a need to have foreign teachers who are native speakers to teach English classes to enable students to learn new concepts and gain experience directly from speaking and conversing with native speakers.


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