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The objective of this research is 1) to study and analyze legal problems relating to the dispersal of goat disputes before the organization 2) To provide advice on legal measures regarding the promotion of the efficiency of the mediation process The objectives of this research were to use the quality research methodology, document type and structured explanations. The key informants including legal luminaries from 5 groups: control pill as a judge on the backboard Continental Automotive Group employees meet a garden stacking attorneys and lawyers.

          The results of the research revealed that:

  1. legal problems regarding mediation for expensive dispute resolution before prosecution were found that, in interviews with a group of experts in law, 6.% per cent agreed that the impact should be due to training for Know who is responsible for mediation appropriately. B.E. 2562 may affect the dispute resolution process of government agencies, private agencies and the public sector, which have the law to have the duties and powers to mediate specific disputes, including the act of Klai Disputes Disputes, B.E. 2562. There are still no legal measures regarding the support and promotion of private sector participation in providing mediation services to citizens like requesting Also, there is no legal measure regarding bringing a compromise agreement outside the court to submit a request for the court to give a judgment as agreed.

  2. Suggestions on legal measures regarding the promotion of the efficiency of the process of mediation before the prosecution of the country. It is found that Thailand should have legal measures to promote the way of mediation before the prosecution. Opportunity for private sector to be registered as a private dispute resolution agency under the Mediation Act Eta. And should have legal measures to encourage Kittipat, who has entered into a compromise agreement or agreement, before the prosecution can bring a compromise contract or agreement to request the court to make a decision. As agreed immediately without having to wait for the breach of contract in any way. All such legal measures will be able to encourage the dispute resolution process before the dispute The genitalia of Thailand is even more effective.


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