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สิริอร จุลทรัพย์
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The purpose of this research is to 1) study the history of Siamese people in Perlis, Malaysia. 2) study the social, economic, political and administrative status of the Siamese people in Perlis, Malaysia. 3) study the living culture of Siamese people in Perlis, Malaysia. This is a qualitative research


  1. There are many histories and assumptions of Siamese people in Perlis state of Malaysia. Previous settlement and the movement of settlement due to the military since the Ayutthaya period. The settlements were based on ancient political and strategic factors, the migration of Thai people from Thailand. However, there were many Siamese people living in the area.

  2. The social status of Siamese people in Perlis state of Malaysia has a status of Malaysian nationality, Thai origin, and follow Buddhism. Siamese people are considered to be a minority living in Malaysia, where the majority of the people are Islam and Malay race. For the social status of Siamese people, they received the right and equality with other races of Malaysia. They granted religious and political participation right. The social status of Siamese people and the community in Perlis is creating happiness and harmony. Status of Siamese people towards religion, Siamese people in Perlis state is Buddhist. They have temples and monks to worship their spirituals. In the past, most Siamese were working in agriculture. Nowadays education has come into an important role. Young people of the new generation of Siam are employed as governmental and company services. People starting to join and work in the city. Political and status of the Siamese have a relationship with politics and government including the right to vote. There are still Siamese people in Perlis state involved in politics and government, which appears at both the national, state and local levels.

          3. The Maintaining of Siamese people in Perlis state of Malaysia. The most apparent is the religion, traditions, rituals, and beliefs. Siamese are still Buddhists and adheres to the Lord Buddha as the core of living. For tradition, most of the rituals that the Siamese continue to practice are linked to Buddhism, such as the tradition of Loy Krathong festival Nora Rong Khru ritual, etc. Traditional are mostly related and similar to the traditions of the southern Thai people in Thailand. Also, children's recreation and play are similar. Siamese people in Perlis have the same leisure as Siamese people in other states, and local Thai people in the southern area, such as shadow play, and popular folk games of Siamese people in Perlis state. There are values of love and faith in the Thai monarchy, and values in using Thai language. Such things are still commonly seen in the Siamese society of Perlis.


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