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พระวรวุฒิ คุณสีโล
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The purposes of this research were; 1. to study the concept of harmony principle, 2. to study the principles concerning with harmony principle, appeared in Buddhist texts, and 3. to apply the concept of harmony principle with resolving the conflicts of Thai people in a present. The researcher followed the critical study research by collecting the data from the sources such as the documentary researches. Analyze the both sources and to make a presentation in an analytical description format on the researcher's concepts and viewpoints.


The research results found that:

  1. The concept of harmony principle shown that 1) In Vinaya Pitaka, the concept of harmony principle mentioned to Sangharachee and Sanghapetor schism among Buddhist monks. 2) In Suttanta Pitaka, gives the meaning of harmony principle appeared in Julakhosingkhasalasuta such as the basic of harmony that made a focus on a body, a speech and mind along the way of Buddhism. And 3) In Abhidham Pitaka, mentioned to the harmony principle as a QA conversation about the danger of defilements: passion, hatred, and delusion. These are breakable to the harmony.

  2. The principles concerning with the harmony principle appeared in the Buddhist texts was found that Four Objects of Sympathy, Six States of Conciliation, and Seven Conditions of Welfare are affected to the harmony.

3. To apply the concept of harmony principle with the conflicts of Thai people in a present was found that Thai people needed more harmony to be a unity. Everyone must play in a big role to respond and respect the laws and morality.


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