Editorial Notes

Journal of Language and Culture, Volume 40 No.1 comprises eight articles related to language, culture and intercultural communication, four of which are in English and four in Thai. They are as follows: 1) Instructional activity management enhancing Thai language use skills for nonviolent communication in 21st century for student teachers of Thai 2) Personal suffering or social suffering: The experiences of workers in the industrial sector who have a permanent incapacity from work injury 3) Cognitive processes for the semantic mappings of Thai color terms from the Sukhothai to Rattanakosin periods 4) Hashtag: Language Power and Myth 5) The comparison of degrees of aspiration of English voiceless stops produced by native speakers and Thai university students 6) Interculturality in action at an English conversation club in a Thai university: The use of cultural differences and spatial repertoire/Thai ‘habitat’ factor in the management of interaction 7) Behind online Y counterculture: The role fansubbing groups and social actors play in driving online Y counterculture and 8) The complexity of languages and scripts used in Thailand’s Deep South. In addition there is a book review of ‘rak-nuan-sa-nguan-sit’ by Pavinee Bunnag.

The editorial team remains committed to selecting quality articles with interesting perspectives to make Journal of Language and Culture is a precious journal, which has been evaluated in the tier 1 of The Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre, or TCI, in field of study social sciences and humanities. Finally, on behalf of the editorial board, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the reviewers who diligently reviewed the manuscripts and provided useful comments. I would also like to thank all authors and journal production staff members for their contribution to the publication of this issue.

Sophana Srichampa


Published: 27-07-2021