Promotion of Thai “value and dignity” of the elderly in the urban society

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ยงยุทธ บุราสิทธิ์
ขวัญจิต ศศิวงศาโรจน์


The objectives of this research were to: 1) survey the value and dignity of the elderly in the highly dynamic urban society; 2) survey the situation of families in the urban society that affect the value and dignity of the elderly; and 3) analyze guidelines for promoting the value and dignity of the elderly in the urban society to strengthen care for the elderly by family members. The study comprised 366 elderly people and 335 adult children/grandchildren in Nakhon Pathom Municipality. A mixed methods approach integrating quantitative and qualitative data was taken with analysis consisting content analysis, descriptive statistics and a comparison of the average, ratio and correlation coefficient. The results of the study show that most of the elderly assessed enjoyed high levels of value and dignity, and felt free to make their own decisions. They were respected by the children and served as spiritual anchors for their family. Most carers for the elderly were females who had more positive attitudes towards and greater respect for the elderly than males. A guide to promoting value and dignity for the elderly includes building a healthy base for them, controlling chronic diseases, creating good mental health and cultivating love, positive relationships and gratitude.

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