The Study of Using Malay Vocabulary in Southern Thai Dialect in Satun for Creating the Students’ Learning Process

  • ศอลาฮุดดีน สมาอูน Songkhla Rajabhat University
Keywords: Malay language, Southern Thai dialect in Satun, Learning process




          The purpose of this research was to study the use of Malay vocabulary in Southern Thai dialect in Satun to creating the learning process. Both qualitative and quantitative research instruments were used  to collect the data of Malay vocabulary in Southern Thai dialect in Satun.  The questionnaire and the interview in depth were applied to elicit the participation of students’ thinking process, taking actions, decoding and concluding the lessons. The result of this study was obtained from the field trip data collection in three districts which were Mueang Satun Disrtict, Kuan Don District and La-gnu District respectively.

          The vocabulary in the study consisted of 602 words from 12 categories.  The result revealed that  the mostly used of Malay in Satun Southern dialect is in Muang Satun District which least used in La-gnu District accounts for  19.3%.  In addition, the result of this study  can promote the students’ learning process in constructing the research instruments for collecting data in the community and decode the lessons through cooperative learning.



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