An Analytical Study Of The Virtuous Friendship In Interview And Evaluation Of Vipassana Practitationers

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Keywords: Kalayanamitta, the emotional test, Vipassana Meditation



             This dissertation entitled ‘An Analytical Study of the Virtuous Friendship in the interview and Evaluation of Vipassana Practitationers’ has three objectives: (1) to study the significance of Kalayanamitta (spiritual friendships) in the text of Theravada Buddhism (2) to study the way to practice Vipassana Meditation and the nature of Dhamma Yogi after praticing (3) to analyse the Kalayanamitta (spiritual friendships) in the emotional test. This is a mixed method research. The sampling population were 500 people at Meditation Center of Mahachulaarsom who were the public people and the students of Mahachulalongkorn rajavidyalaya University; under graduated and graduated school.

             The research findings were 3 levels of Kalayanamitr(spiritual friendships) of the monks who is the  Vipassana Meditation Teacher as the follows;

  1. 1. The level of As seen; (1) Piyo (Endearing), the Vipassana Meditation teacherhad good wish with the Dhamma Yogiat the very good level (mean score at 4.41). He gave the good wish to everyone. (2) Garu (Venerable), the Vipassana Meditation teacher was admirable at the  very good level (mean score at 4.41). The Dhamma Yogi perceived the faith as he presented the lecture of Dhamma that related with Vipassa Meditation. (3) Bhavaniyo (Adorable), the Vipassana Meditation teacher worked with diligence and intension at the  good level (mean score at 4.25). He was the idol of Vipassana Meditation.
  2. The level of Communication; (1) Vittaca (being a counselor), the Vipassana Meditation teacher explained the cause and effect at the good level (mean score at 4.21). He must clearly teached the Dhamma Yogi on the corrected way to do Vipassana Meditation in the details step by step. (2) Gambhirancakatham kata (able to delivery deep discourse),the Vipassana Meditation teacher explained the nature that be benefit to the Dhamma Yogi atthe good level (mean score at 4.16). The duty of the good Vipassana Meditation teacher have to explain the beneficial nature to the Dhamma Yogi (3) No catthaneniyojaye (not leading to a useless end), the Vipassana Meditation introduced the Dhamma Yogi to keep on Viriya Sambojihangaat the  good level (mean score at 4.18) He practiced as the role model in Vipassana Meditation; sitting and walking meditation; therefore, the Dhamma Yogi had seen the way of best practice.
  3. The level of the spirit of mind; Vacanakkhamo (being a patient listener), the Vipassana Meditation teacher dared to accept the error at the good level (mean score at 4.13). He had the emotional test one by one; therefore, he could accept the error and be correct the error in the emotional test.


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