Saba Bon: Cultural Dynamics in the Context of Contemporary Thai Society

  • กษิด์เดช เนื่องจำนงค์ มหาวิทยาลัยศรีนครินทรวิโรฒ
Keywords: Saba-Bon, Cultural Dynamic, Contemporary Thai Society



This article focuses on the cultural change of Saba Bon game of the Mon PhraPradaeng in the context of contemporary Thai society based on various issues as follows: 1) cultural heritage of Saba Bon game 2) cultural heritage change of Saba Bon game, and 3) cultural space of Saba Bon game. The result of study reveals that the Saba Bon game is a wise intangible cultural heritage that the Mon ethnic group was created as the choice of mating. Moreover, Saba Bon game is always dynamic, especially the cultural heritage of Saba Bon game which are composed of 6 key elements: Bon Saba (Playing ground), Look Saba (Saba seeds are used as playing equipment), costumes and accessories, playing gestures, customs and rules as well as language. In addition, its culture space has changed from the past. The cultural dynamics mentioned above have an impact on intangible cultural heritage in two dimensions: positive and negative impacts.


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