Guidelines for Transport Service Developmentof Shipping Line Companies Containers

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Ninety percent of international shipping is by maritime transport, but the Thai merchant shipping has only 10% of import and export by maritime transport. This research aimed to study factors influencing the decision to select shipping line companies of international freight forwarders that have import and export business within Thailand, by applying as a developing guideline for the shipping line. This research was the survey research by using questionnaires that passed a validity test at 0.87 of IOC Test was validity average of the questionnaires, which was the data collection tool. This research was an application between Seven P Concept (7 p’s) and service quality theory, adjusting to be compatible with the condition of maritime transportation business to classify seven factors determining decision behavior of service selection. The results found that factors influencing shipping line company selection were about quality factors. Shipping line companies, therefore, have got to make priority consideration for service development, staff development, product and service, process, pricing, service channel and marketing promotion, respectively. For quality development guidelines, shipping line companies needs to highlight cargo damage prevention in collaboration with the specific department.When cargo damage happens, the international freight forwarders must be quickly informed in order to get the most responsive service to go along with the situation.


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