Guidelines for Human Capital Development Improvement in Suratthani Municipality Hotels’ Service Quality

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This research were to studied service quality, hotel strategy and human development for hotel service development and to study arrangement in Suratthani municipality. The quantitative research was used in this research.Sample used in this study was 400 Thai tourists who were users for hotel service in Suratthani municipality in 2015. From in-depth interviews of 20 hotel managers found that overall hotel service quality was moderate. Different genders, ages and education levels had statistically significantly different relationship at level of 0.05. The results of in-depth interviews by analyzing SWOT and Tows Matrix were market penetration growth strategies such as location development with cleanness, beauty and security, giving special promotions to customers, having policies to develop to hotel with high quality, developing expansion strategies of customers, increasing employee’s efficiency, building the alliance with customers for increasing total services, increasing the skills and abilities of employees in every aspects, increasing security systems of hotel, developing various devices and facilities with readiness for growth strategies, determining method for personnel recruitment with efficiency, the growth had to consider the opportunities and channels in the future,defensive strategy developed readiness on location with efficiency to support more customers and increasing efficiency on language of personnel.


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