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Phramaha Sunan Sunando


          Objectives of this research article were to study level of religious knowledge management problems, obstacles, recommendation and model. Methodology was the mixed methods: The qualitative research, data were collected from 18 key informants by in-depth-interview and analyzed data by systematic descriptive interpretation. The quantitative research by survey method, data were collected with questionnaires with reliability value at 0.964, from 399 samples who were elderly persons in Ayutthaya Province and analyzed data with frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation.

          Findings were as follows: 1. Level of the religious knowledge management, by overall was at middle level (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 3.49, S.D.=0.376). 2. Problems and obstacles were found that some monks could not preach laities, had to read texts that was not interesting, Recommendations were that monasteries that teach Dhamma for elderly are limited. Abbots should train monks in the monasteries for teaching Dhamma for laities. Monasteries must assign monks to teach laities. 3. Models of religious knowledge management for elderly in 21st century of Sangha Order in Ayutthaya Province consisted of 4 components and 20 methods: They were knowledge creation had 5 methods: 1. potentials development of monks living at monasteries about the principles of teaching Dhamma for elderly people.    


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