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Akgarin Siroratnachai


Currently, Bangkok has established a policy to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of Bangkok organizing hawker-stall traders to return the sidewalk to the people. The implementation of the policy has received support from all sectors. Including various related agencies This policy is highly encouraged by all sectors that have been involved in the implementation of the policy. And this policy will certainly be able to achieve success. In addition, it is a sustainable return of the sidewalk to the people of Bangkok. However, the most important factor for this policy to be sustainable is its unity in solving the problem. The ability of government officials to solve problems. The participation of the state in solving the problem and resources for implementing problem solving policies Without supporting the group of hawker-stalls. The responsible officer has performed the work in accordance with the law. Do not ignore practice etc. Which will definitely make these problems go away and the sidewalk becomes a path that uses specific activities in the specified areas This resulted in the image of Bangkok in maintaining the cleanliness and tidy of Bangkok.


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Siroratnachai, A. (2021). METROPOLITAN ADMINISTRATION TO IMPLEMENT THE POLICY ON THE CLEANLINESS AND ORDERLINESS OF BANGKOK. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 10(1), 343–357. Retrieved from
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