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Phramaha Suriya Maddavo


The academic article presented guidelines for dealing with COVID-19 pandemic by international regulations and governmental policy by integrating Buddhist principles, namely the eightfold path as: 1.Sammatithi; is to raise awareness of people in the community to monitor the pandemic. 2. Sammasangkappa; Mindfulness is the preparation of personnel or support teams in the community to understand the plan. 3. Sammavaca; right speech is to notify the situation of COVID-19 virus in order to make people aware of real information. 4. Sammakammanta; Right action is the act of doing things. Help and heal with the best of my ability. 5. Sammaajiva; Right livelihood is to promote people / at-risk groups to be able to lead a normal life, 6. Sammavayama; Right effort is the creation of participation in the restoration. 7. Sammasati; Mindfulness is the morale of the people, to help and heal the hearts of patients who died, who were affected families and people 8. Sammasamadhi; Right concentration;  mindfulness is to integrate work plans according to preventive and mitigation measurement and coordinate with relevant agencies to prepare for future response. It can be integrated into teaching and use with modern science to create an understanding of the Buddhist ways of urbanization, as well as 3 principles of practice that can be easily understood, including; 1) interested in monitoring the new understanding situation 2) understanding and act accordingly 3) Take care of oneself and social help that was the knowledge, circumspect and  concerned with all around people.


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Maddavo, P. S. . (2021). APPLICATION OF BUDDHIST PRINCIPLES AS A GUIDELINE FOR DEALING WITH THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 10(1), 323–332. Retrieved from
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