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กฤช เพิ่มทันจิตต์


This article seeks to meet the following 3 objectivers : 1) to study the meaning , basic goal, background , and main feathers of policy sciences, 2) to analyse the roots and evolution of policy sciences in terms of schools of thought, political ideology and principles of rationality, and 3) to present critical observations on past and nowadays limitations and future potential. It is based on a descriptive approach and critical analysis under dialectic logic. The study discovered the following findings. Policy sciences had integrated interdisplinary knowledge and practice to study complex problems and apply rational decision making process in policy making in order to advance human dignity for all as their fundamental goal The study of the roots and evolution in terms of schools of thought and political ideology found that policy sciences were limited to the attainment of their fundamental goal due to the fact that mechanism of market rationality avails benefits to the minority rich people partially and firstly. Furthermore, interdisciplinary and rational decision-making approaches have been limitations in the real world situation. Hopefiully, the occurrence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution should be able to eliminate such constraints and make the policy scienees full of potential in the future. Even so, policy sciences remains to be challenged by the problems of economic and social disparities which still have been in existence from the past, at present, and to the future continuously. Under such a circumstance, how will policy sciences be able to solve the dilemma of tradeoff between market and social rationalities in order to achieve more economic and social equalities


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เพิ่มทันจิตต์ ก. (2018). POLICY SCIENCES : CRITICAL OBSERVATIONS ON LIMITATIONS AND FUTURE POTENTIAL: Grit Permtanjit. Journal of MCU Social Science Review, 7(2), 215–223. Retrieved from https://so03.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/jssr/article/view/132832
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กฤช เพิ่มทันจิตต์

Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University