Facebook Utilization of Thai Buddhist Monks


  • แทนพันธ์ เสนะพันธุ์ บัวใหม่ , Department of Educational Foundation, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Prince of Songkla University Hat Yyai Campus


Thai Buddhist Monks, Facebook, Netnography


      The purpose of this qualitative research was to examine appropriate conducts in Facebook utilization among Thai Buddhist monks based on the Vinaya (discipline) and social context.  Two research methods were employed: related documents were reviewed to formulate behavioral indicators, and based on Netnographic techniques, participant observations, semi-structured and non-structured in-depth interviews were used in field data collection from eight Facebook accounts.  The study found that eleven behavioral indicators appropriate for Facebook use among Buddhist monks could be formulated based on the Vinaya and modern social context. The most worrying behaviors were found to be the use of Facebook inappropriately in terms place and time, and the monks’ status and role.  Appropriate Facebook use behavior among Buddhist monks is expected and it can be achieved by adhering to the Vinaya and social norms.





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