Thai social values in Likay lyrics imagery

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     This study aimed to explore Thai social values and linguistic value from imagery in lyrics of Likay focusing on the Ranikloeng song, the identity of Likay. Imagery in lyrics of six Likay troupes in the Central part of Thailand were reviewed. Three types of imagery were explores: simile, metaphor, and symbol.

It was found that the imagery in lyrics of Likay displayed five aspects of Thai social values. 1) Religious values with the concepts of virtue guiding life, and gratefulness for support and assistance; 2) High respect for the monarch with the concepts of the monarch as the supporter for his subjects, and ruler with leadership, and soldiers must be loyal to the monarch. 3) Machismo values with the concepts of braveness, knowledgeable, competent, honorable and prestigious. 4) Respect for wealth with the concepts of praising people who are wealthy, with high social position, honor, and fame. 5) Respect for important people with the concepts of good role model, honest, and highly patriotic. Regarding linguistic value, it was found that the imagery in lyrics of Likay, especially in terms of simile, metaphor, and symbol, impress audiences, make them profoundly understand the emotion and feeling of the characters with vivid imagination.


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