Soul Recalling in Therapeutic Ceremonies of the Phu-Thai Shamans

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อลงกรณ์ อิทธิผล



          The objective of the research was to study the soul recalling speech acts of Phu-Thai shamans in therapeutic ceremonies in four provinces of Thailand: Kalasin, Nakhon Phanom, Sakon Nakhon, and Mukda Han The data were analyzed with John R. Searle’s speech acts theory in two aspects: 1) direct speech acts (verb used to perform the action itself or performative verb), and 2) indirect speech acts (implied meanin g of utterances interpreted from the context). The results showed that the ritual procedures of soul recalling speeches in therapeutic ceremonies of Phu-Thai shamans in all four provinces were the same. In terms of speech acts used, it was found that Moh Yao (Phu-Thai shamans) used requesting direct speech acts in soul recalling the most. Besides, most of the indirect speech acts used imperative sentences or requesting with the purpose of reassuring by Moh Yao of Phu-Thai. The results and conclusion of this research correspond to the speech acts theory “Words are connected to actions”. It can be proved by the speech used by Moh Y ao to encourage and reassure the patients.


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