The Lessons Learned from the Development of Community Enterprises into Self-reliance Communities in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Nong Sarai Community, Phnom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand


  • Kanokkarn Mueangkaew School of Languages and General Education, Walailak University, Thailand



Lessons Learned, Development, Community Enterprise, Self-Reliant Communities, 21st Century


The purpose of this qualitative research was to analyze the process through which community enterprises in Nong Sarai Community, Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, transformed into self-sufficient communities in the twenty-first century. It utilized in-depth interviews and participatory and non-participatory observation as data collection tools, along with field studies and relevant document reviews. The main data providers were the chairperson and members of the Nong Sarai community enterprise group, totaling 15 people, and secondary data providers includehe village headman, school representatives, and development officers of Phanom Thuan District, totaling 16 people, making a total of 31 participants. Subsequently, the collected data were analyzed for content and results were reported through narrative analysis.

The results showed that 1) The Nong Sarai community is one that addresses community crises through the formation of community enterprise organizations that motivate and resolve economic issues, according to the findings. The Nong Sarai community enterprise group has demonstrated resiliency and success in both its operational activities and the provision of products and services. The achievement can be ascribed to the critical role that group participation played in the formation of community enterprises. 2) The Nong Sarai community has developed through membership, collaborative thought, decision-making, and the distribution of benefits; these are all examples of community participation. 3) In an age of globalization, the Nong Sarai community is capable of sustaining itself in the face of societal transformations. This independence is apparent in the management of natural resources, intellectual property, as well as in social and personal spheres. These developmental procedures are critical for bolstering and achieving self-sufficiency of the Nong Sarai community enterprises. They function as successful paradigms for sustainable development, placing a high value on quality of life, and guaranteeing ongoing advancement.


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