Proverbs for Money Borrowing Protection: The Doctrine for Solving the Problem of "Debt" from Central Local Literature

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Phatchalin Jeennoon


            This article aimed at studying the doctrine for solving the problem of "debt" from central local literature entitled “Proverbs for Money Borrowing Protection.” Although this literary work was written in 1928, it is still contemporary and appropriate to apply to the present society. The findings showed that the causes of being in debt are acceptance seeking from people in society. The debtors also love convenience, gamble, and are lazy. In terms of bad behaviors of debtors to creditors, it was found that they usually procrastinate. When the creditors press the claim, they are humiliated. The debtors are without sympathy. They are generally angry when being pressed for the claim and they do not keep their words. The reasons why creditors should not lend money to debtors are the toll it takes on their mental well-being, loss of friendship, and loss of beloved things. The good practice of debtors to creditors (as a benefactor) is that the debtors must be considerate. They must not be greedy or procrastinate. They must punctually give the money back, and pay by installments if they are not able to return all back to the creditors. The method to protect money borrowing is that the creditors must lend a small amount of money, remind themselves of the difficulty of making money, and spend money on making merit instead of lending it to friends. The method to survive without being in debt is that people must depend upon themselves, be diligent, estimate their expenses, remind themselves of bad consequences, consider their ability to give money back, keep cash with themselves, avoid paying by installments, have an honest job, focus on advancement in work, and be afraid of committing a sin. The doctrine shown via language use and simple strategies truly reflects literature wisdom of the author.


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Jeennoon, P. (2020). Proverbs for Money Borrowing Protection: The Doctrine for Solving the Problem of "Debt" from Central Local Literature. Journal of Liberal Arts Prince of Songkla University, 12(2), 18-38. Retrieved from
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Phatchalin Jeennoon, Thai Lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Thaksin University, Thailand

Thai department, Humanities and Social sciences, Thaksin University Thailand 90000


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