Research on Piano Classroom Management of Teachers in Guangxi, China

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Dong Lin
Manoch Prompanyo


Piano Classroom Management was a process whereby teachers provided procedural instruction using a combination of management and teaching to enable children to play to their fullest potential, including planning, organization, coordination, work, and control. In this way, they could work systematically and improved efficiency according to outcomes-based education (OBE) theory, learning organization theory, Maslow's hierarchical demand theory, constructivist theory, and PDCA cycle theory. This thesis examined the piano classroom management of current music undergraduate students in Guangxi, China. According to the teacher's teaching perspective through literature review and survey research, it was found that there was a management problem, thus exploring the root cause of the problem and finally finding a solution to increase the efficiency of the piano classroom. In this regard, guidelines were introduced to promote and improve the quality of teaching in piano classrooms for Bachelor of Music in Guangxi. The researchers hoped that theoretical and practical references would further enhance the efficiency of the piano classroom system in colleges and universities.

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Lin, D., & Prompanyo, M. (2022). Research on Piano Classroom Management of Teachers in Guangxi, China. วารสารนวัตกรรมการศึกษาและการวิจัย, 6(3), 742–751.


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