Comparison between the Successful Entrepreneurship Personality Traits and Homestay Entrepreneurship Personality Traits: A Case Study of Two Villages in Si Sa Ket Province

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Thumwimon Sukserm


This study aims to compare the successful entrepreneurship personality traits and Thai homestay entrepreneurship personality traits in order to be the role model for other Thai homestay owners. Two villages are selected to be the best practice of homestay in Thailand, for instance, Prasat Yer Village, Prasat Sub-district, Phrai Bueng District, Si Sa Ket Province and Lathai Village, Lathai Sub-district, Kanthararom District, Si Sa Ket Province.  This study is the qualitative study and collected data from 20 key informant people of two communities who significant play role about the homestay. Data is collected by four approaches such as the focus group, the participant observation, the non-participant observation, and the depth-interview. Triangulation and the content analysis were applied into this study.

The results reveal that the successful entrepreneurship personality traits that are reviewed from the scholar and the top management opinions. The conclusion of personality traits is consisted of passion, flexibility, creativity, confidence, risk-takers, and empathetic. These personality traits are completely matched the entrepreneurship personality traits of Thai homestay owners in two villages. Therefore, this study results are implemented on other Thai homestay owners in order to improve and develop themselves as two villages.


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