Case Study of Electronic Book Media "Bright Mind, Even Physical Disability" of Kampol Thongboonnoom

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Parinut Chaiyanich


     Perspective Transformation is a person who changes their mind. This may cause from background experiences or crises in life. The most difficulty is to open up and accept a crisis that may require the learning process from perspective transformation. People with disabilities who suffer from crises caused by accidents such as the case study of teacher Kampol Thongboonnom, the author of the electronic book “Bright mind, even physically disabled”. This book is analyzed form of transfer of self-empowerment experiences by analyzing through 10 steps to learning from the transformation of Mezirow's concepts. The 10 items of development under the self-empowerment of disabled people in crisis. At the beginning of the battle/bargain to facing with passing throughout his life after becoming a patient since the accident (when he lost, this is the start of self-empowerment). This article consists of several factors to empowerment (such as illness self-values relative cause a factor, will to be move on, beliefs that influence the patient's ability to manage due to the problem and obstacle which were both of positive and negative, life goals, personal experiences that influence beliefs like self-concept, self-motivation, and self-control). The results of self-empowerment were: 1) self-development 2) sense of mastery.


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